Umbrella On-Boarding
Register as an Umbrella Employee with Crest Plus

To be considered for self-employment you must contact us by phone on 01244 684700.

Please note our office working hours are 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday.

Being an employee of an umbrella company, such as Crest Plus, means that you work and pay tax as an employee and therefore you are entitled to benefit from holiday pay and full statutory benefits such as sick pay and the right to a pension.

We accrue holiday pay at 12.07% of your gross pay which can be claimed through the secure members area unless you inform us that you wish to have your holiday pay advanced to you each week.

Through your temporary assignment you are earning money on behalf of the umbrella company, known as the “Contract Sum”, and the hourly rate should be higher than PAYE to reflect the additional costs.

You are provided with market leading insurance, which includes Personal Accident cover protecting you whilst at work and also while travelling to and from the work place.

Being an employee of Crest Plus also allows you to work on various assignments, giving you continuous employment which will enable you to secure important matters like loan and mortgage applications.

From the money you earn you will be paid at a rate of NMW plus any profit related pay after the company costs have been taken into consideration. The company costs include Employers NI, Employers Pension contributions, Holiday Pay, Apprenticeship Levy, any expenses incurred and our company margin known as Retained Income.

We will set you up with a standard tax code and HMRC will notify us if this needs to be changed at any time.

All your payments are paid promptly and all taxes are deducted correctly giving you peace of mind.

Payments are made on a Friday up to 5.30pm. We will send you a text message when we receive your hours and rates and a 2nd text message to confirm that payment has been processed. We will also email you a payslip each week.

Crest Plus provides all of our contractors with an online Secure Members Area where you can register with us, access your payslips, payment history, important documents and update your personal details.

Our relationship team will be on hand to support you all the way through the registration process.